Filming my travels

GoPro photo on the top of a mountain

Recently, I’ve started filming a lot of my travels. Pictures are a great way to remember an adventure, but there’s something special about watching a video. It brings the memories back so much more vividly.

As I have a GoPro, I decided to invest in a gopro stabilizer so my videos don’t suffer from “Shakeycam” footage that you see so much. When I was doing research to work out which stabilizer I should get, I found this site: which gave me a great round up of the current best 3-axis gimbals (a fancy word for stabilizer) on the market.

I decided to get the FeiyuTech GoPro gimbal reviewed on that site. I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. The video I’m shooting now is looking so much better, it looks like it has been filmed by a professional film crew! I’d totally recommend buying one. Now only if they made one I could use in the rain. Maybe they will bring out a splash proof one soon.